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Since the very first automobile was launched in 1886, it effectively changed the world. Processes became faster, farmers no longer needed to worry about their crops dying or rotting before reaching their destination, and the upper echelons of society reinvented the way that they travelled. To this day, automobiles continue to change lives.

In modern times, automobiles or cars are actually considered to be a great necessity in order to obtain a better quality of living. Since then, automobiles have no longer just been used as something to get from one point to another. Our technology has evolved to the point where we can create machine marvels that break sound barriers and go faster than anything previously recorded.

So it is little wonder that there would be people, like us, that truly appreciate and try to fully explore the world of automotive excellence. This website was started by Marilou Williamson, a former executive at the Singapore branch of a reputable car brand. She started this site to be of service to other car enthusiasts.

We’ll bring plenty of discussions about cars and we hope that you’ll continue to join us. If there’s anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff.