Looking Around Town: Best Ways to Find a Place to Buy a Car

Blog10 - Looking Around Town: Best Ways to Find a Place to Buy a Car

Buying a car is always a truly exciting time. You can plan for months and even years but still be shaky when the date of the actual purchase comes nearer and nearer. When it comes to buying a car, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Today, we wanted to place the focus on the best ways to find a place to buy a car.

Here are a few tips that we personally adhere to when it comes to car hunts:

pmome - Looking Around Town: Best Ways to Find a Place to Buy a Car

Go Online

One of the loveliest things about our present state of technology is that we don’t have to leave our home to find the details that we need. We can simply pick up a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer to find out information about certain things. There are a lot of sources online that you can consult when it comes to buying a car.

You can go to the website of the yellow pages; you can even visit forums or download apps that specifically deal with selling or buying cars.

Ask Your Network

Never underestimate the people in your life or friends list. If you have social media, you can post a question as a status and you can get some pretty interesting answers. You can get pretty good leads and you can be sure that the people giving the advice or information isn’t just doing this without thought.

People are very cautious about doling out leads if they aren’t credible. In the age of misinformation, people are more careful to see if their own suggestions are good before they actually share it.

img2 - Looking Around Town: Best Ways to Find a Place to Buy a Car

Find a Consulting Office

If you do not have a reliable network and your internet sleuthing finds you nothing, all is not lost. There are businesses out there that were made for people who cannot find what they want or need. You can try to contact a local consulting office near you and get them working on your case.

Much like real estate brokers, they can help you locate what you need for a menial fee.

In Closing

The place where you buy your car will help to determine your eventual experience with your purchase. A reputable shop or seller raises your chances of a smooth and hassle-free purchase. If you risk going for a seller that just made a random post online, you’d best manage your expectations and shore up for safety.

What processes do you have in choosing the best place to buy a car?

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Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

Blog9 - Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

When you’ve got a business that revolves around vehicles, it only follows that you will need mechanics working for you. We got asked recently regarding the qualifications that we prioritize when it comes to hiring mechanics. This is our reply.


There are a lot of forms of education now. Gone are the days when education only means ‘formal schooling’. There are now community colleges, certification courses, and a lot of other forms of training or education.

A mechanic that comes with a good education that is relevant to the field they’re working at is important. At least then you’ll know that they carry an innate interest in the work that they are applying for.

tech - Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

Hands-on Experience

While education is important, hands-on experience is just as critical when it comes to considering hiring someone. There have been instances where the person has not had any formal education but has been the recipient of a lot of hands-on training and experience. This is something that actually happens rather frequently.

When it comes to choosing a mechanic, having someone with actual experience is better than someone who only knows the theory behind the practice.


A general rule of law is that everyone will have at least 2 to 3 people that they can use as professional recommendations. A previous boss, a trainer, someone who they’ve worked with—the choices are endless! If the mechanic you’re looking at has no recommendations, always cross-reference it with their work history.

If they have a lot of work history but no references or no recommendations, you should be wary.

tech2 - Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

Work History

Work history is something that can largely determine if someone is reliable or not. If the person has had a job at a shop for a very long time, you can count on that person to be invested in working for you. Just be clear on their reasons for leaving any previous jobs.

If the person has had a lot of different jobs in a short amount of time, you should be wary.

In Closing

When your business is involved with transport, it always pays to have your machines well maintained. If your business is car services, then it should be logical that your mechanics will be the lifeblood of your operation. Knowing what you should prioritize does not mean that you should only make your choices based on these pointers.

Get your feelers out and trust your gut about a person. They may look good on paper but can be a completely different person when the job starts. What qualifications do you prioritize when hiring mechanics?

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Thinking of the R8: Why It Is Still One of the Best Supercars Ever

Blog8 - Thinking of the R8: Why It Is Still One of the Best Supercars Ever

Audi has a knack of blowing the socks off of car lovers everywhere. Today, we wanted to put a spotlight on the Audi R8 and why it’s still one of the best supercars ever.


The Audi R8 was introduced to the public market in 2006. What made it stand out from the other 2-door, 2-seater super cars was the fact that it had all-wheel drive system in place. This comes three years after the initial concept car was presented.

Why Is It Still One of the Best?

Despite being over 12 years old, we thing that the Audi R8 series is still one of the best supercars ever! Here are our reasons for it:

It’s a comfortable drive

Most supercars are a rather difficult drive in a lot of urban areas. The Lamborghini, for example, tends to heat up to the point of combustion when met with traffic. The Audi R8 has no such problem. You can drive fast or slow, it’s still a comfortable ride.

r8 - Thinking of the R8: Why It Is Still One of the Best Supercars Ever

It’s all about the driver

One of the striking things about the Audi R8 is the interiors of the vehicle. It is a complete contrast to the exterior which is a bit aggressive with its taut lines and harsher curves. The interiors are all softer with its plush leathers and intuitive location for the features. No matter how old this car is, it still is one of the better designed vehicles—taking into account how the driver would be positioned.

That virtual dashboard

The virtual dashboard is not anything new when it comes to Audi cars. In fact, in a previous discussion, we mentioned how the virtual dash would sometimes cause trouble with the A6. It seems that Audi has really learned from all the feedback and finally provided a better version of their virtual dashboard. It’s highly customizable so the driver isn’t restricted to “factory settings”.

In Closing

The Audi R8 still performs well despite its age. What’s really telling about this is that despite the near decade it has been out in the market, it still is priced pretty high because people know that they will get the quality that they are paying for. Effectively, the R8 ranks quite high in our esteem of supercars which provides more than just something nice to look at.

Have you gotten your hands on an Audi R8? Why positive features do you like about it best?

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Before You Buy: Common Complaints about the Audi Model A6

Blog7 - Before You Buy: Common Complaints about the Audi Model A6

When you think of Audi, you would automatically associate it with automotive excellence. While you would not be incorrect in your assumption, this does not mean that the brand does not have its faults. Today, we wanted to discuss some of the common complaints about the Audi model A6.

We think it is important to clarify that the A6 model does not simply refer to a single car. It is, in fact, a series which has seen several generations. This is why it is rather bothersome that there are certain complaints that seem to span several generations. Like:

Dash Light Issue

One of the issues that have been regularly reported by owners would be wonky dashboard lights. It would seem that if the car would get shaken a bit while driving, the dash light for different things would light up—something that indicated low oil or more commonly, the check engine light.

For someone who bought a supercar and expected smooth sailing, this can be quite troublesome.

Digital Display Issue

One of the features which Audi owners look forward to in the latter releases of the A6 would be the digital display which allows the driver and passengers to really explore the capabilities of the vehicle. It’s what provides the users with an interface on the status of the car.

So it’s highly troublesome if the digital display tends to fail. It’s the tantamount to driving a super powerful vehicle without knowing if anything is wrong. As you can imagine, this can be quite dangerous and is an issue that shouldn’t even happen, if at all possible.

Clogged Sun Roof

This is one of the more annoying issues that have been regularly reported by Audi A6 owners was the fact that the sun roof tends to clog when exposed to constant rain. In certain parts of the world, rain is basically an everyday occurrence. If not rain, it would be high moisture presence. A clogged sun roof means that water gets into the vehicle and can damage the electronics.

In Closing

We believe that it is quite important to be aware of any existing or common issues with super expensive cars. After all, since we’re willing to drop quite a bundle on it, we should expect complete excellence. As heartbreaking as it is to find faults with the A6 series, we know for a fact that Audi is continuously taking steps to address any complaints.

Do you have an Audi A6? What complaints do you have about it?

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Information Counts: Why It Pays to Register for Brand Newsletters

Blog5 - Information Counts: Why It Pays to Register for Brand Newsletters

When you visit the website of reputable car brands, chances are there will be an offer to sign up for a newsletter. Today, we wanted to discuss why doing so would actually be a good idea. Let’s get the basics out of the way first, shall we?

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a periodic bulletin which is sent out to people who have signed up for it. They can either come by physical mail or through electronic mail. In today’s world newsletters are mostly electronic and usually come at least once a month.

Newsletters are a favored marketing tool because an algorithm for it can be pretty easy to build. It allows brands to see who interacts with their newsletters—giving them a better idea on who’s really interested in their offers and services.

So why is it a good idea to register for newsletters of different car brands? Here are a few reasons:

Updated Information

Car brands usually like to keep their customers in the loop when there’s something big in the works. Regular updates are usually given through newsletters. While most car brands usually have social media or an official website, the information that they provide through their newsletters are better organized and deliver a cohesive message.

img - Information Counts: Why It Pays to Register for Brand Newsletters

Discounts and Deals

Car brands tend to offer special deals and discounts to those that signed up for their newsletters. So if you’ve ever been on the lookout for a particular car model, newsletters are a great way to secure a better chance of obtaining it.

Exclusive Invites

Car brands regularly have events and they’re usually via invitation only. A great way to secure event invitations is through their newsletters. Events are always good to attend because you get a preview of what sort of model or feature is being championed. Newsletters are also a great way to get to see if there are any contests that you can join.

In Closing

For anyone who’s a big fan of a particular car brand, signing up for their newsletter is always a good idea. Not only do you give yourself a better chance at familiarizing yourself further with the brand but you also get treated to deals, discounts, invites, and personalized updates. Newsletters are a great way to keep a particular car brand within the realm of your awareness.

Do you sign up for newsletters? What benefits have you reaped from them?

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Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

Blog4 - Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

If there is anything that we know in life, it is that cars are really nice to look at. If there is anything else that is truer that that, it is that cars can really perform. We see them on the road each day and we see promotional videos as well. If we really wanted to see how cars manage to perform in extreme situations, we go to the movies for that.

Today, we wanted to talk about some movies that really managed to show what cars can really do. Without further ado, let’s get started!

fast - Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

The Fast and the Furious

Of course we had to start the list with this one! The Fast and the Furious franchise really put a spotlight on illegal street racing, the car modifications, and the appeal of the “ride or die” mentality. While the latter pieces of the franchise all were a bit hard to believe with the submarine bit—there is still no denying the power that a well-made piece of automotive machinery can accomplish.

Need for Speed

The Need for Speed franchise stems from a super popular game series. The Need for Speed movie while still heavily focused in supercars and big car brands was able to provide a bit of a taste of how supercars perform under pressure. Who else had their eye stuck on the beautiful Ford Shelby Mustang they featured? It certainly caught our attention!

ff - Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

The Italian Job

Well-tuned cars and heists seemed to be a match in heaven. This movie is who we directly blame for the big boom in the public’s interest in the Mini Cooper. The character of Charlize Theron drove around with a 1969 Mini Cooper at the start of the film.

Near the end, she and her team of thieves drove around with the 2003 version of the vehicles. While the newer cars needed a bit of a trim to lose some weight, they managed to show the ability to make hard turns, fit into subway stations, and carry several kilograms of gold.

Gone in 60 Seconds

Much like the movie mentioned previously, Gone in 60 Seconds is a heist film. Rather than gold being stolen, it’s cars. We follow Nicholas Cage and his team of thieves as they try to complete a checklist of different cars; the linchpin being a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500.

In Closing

Cars are pretty marvelous things. The engine can purr and it can certainly roar and if there was anything that we learned from the movies we mentioned above is that having a well-tuned car can mean the difference between life and death. While we really hate to sound dramatic, anyone who has had a problematic car will tell you the same thing.

What particular movie would you say really showed off the abilities of cars?

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Purchase Tips: Four Points to Consider Before Buying a Car

Blog3 - Purchase Tips: Four Points to Consider Before Buying a Car

It can be quite an exciting time when you’re about to purchase your own car. It can even be too exciting sometimes. This is why it is important to keep a level head and have certain points to consider before buying that car. That being said, this is what we will be discussing with you today.

Here are a few points you can consider before you go buy that car you’ve been eyeing:


A car whether or not it is brand new or secondhand will set you back a pretty penny. When looking to purchase a car, you also need to consider the “hidden” costs like registration and any paper work that will need to be processed.

mone - Purchase Tips: Four Points to Consider Before Buying a Car

You also need to consider if you’re ready to take on the added costs of keeping the car that you’re planning on getting. The prices of gas, toll, and upkeep can creep up on you if you’re not careful.


The location of where you are buying and storing that car will count as well. Do you have a garage? If not, how do you plan on keeping your car in good condition? If parking on the side of a building, how do you plan on keeping your car safe? What are the roads like where you live? All of these play a factor at the longevity of your purchase.

It’ll also be a big factor whether or not you should even get a car where you are presently.


The condition of the car you are looking at should play a big part in your decision making process. If the car is brand new, you should expect it to be a bit more on the pricey side. If the car you are looking at is second-hand, you need to have a checklist of things to look out for.

Is the oil ok? Is the engine clean? Always test drive the vehicle before making your decision.

g1 - Purchase Tips: Four Points to Consider Before Buying a Car


One of the best things about life today is that it is so easy to get recommendations about pretty much anything. If you go online or even ask your friends and family, you’ll be able to get a myriad of opinions. These can help you determine or remember anything about a particular car that you should have considered.

In Closing

Purchasing one’s own car is a really big deal. Even if this particular car isn’t your “forever” vehicle or your “dream” vehicle, it is still a pretty important decision. When you’re in the throes of making your car buying decision, we hope that the advice we’ve given above finds you well.

Beyond the ones we’ve mentioned above, what points do you personally consider before buying a car?

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Planning to Work in Car Fields? 2 Educational Fields You Benefit From

Blog2 - Planning to Work in Car Fields? 2 Educational Fields You Benefit From

The automotive industry is a billion dollar industry. It is something which encompasses nations and continents. No matter where you go there will be an automotive industry that is looking for people to join it. For many, it is considered to be a goal to be a part of this booming industry.

As with all careers, the question will always start with: what do I need to study in order to get that job? Here are two educational fields that you’d benefit from if you want to get into the automotive industry:

Mechanical Engineering

For those that are a bit more hands-on in their love for automobiles, the educational field of mechanical engineering will feel right as right. Those that have degrees in mechanical engineering are the ones that end up building new cars or upgrading the cars that already exist.

a1 - Planning to Work in Car Fields? 2 Educational Fields You Benefit From

It is their expertise that elevates the way the cars are built so that everyone can benefit from it. From designing the vehicles to building new engines, the people that study mechanical engineering have a better chance of being truly useful.


For the administration side of things, those with a degree in business or management can really go high in the ranks of the “paper pushers” side of business. After all, mega corporations still need bureaucracy and those that studied business and management are who they look for.

a2 - Planning to Work in Car Fields? 2 Educational Fields You Benefit From

They handle sales, advertising, branch management, and all the other things that make car industries work.

In Closing

The car industries only work because there are people in them that continue to drive it forward. For anyone who has ever wanted to be part of the car industry, we hope that you’ve got those two educational fields we’ve mentioned as a part of your plan. We certainly can’t wait to see what your addition to the industry will birth.

Which other educational fields do you think would be handy in the automobile industry?

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Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

Blog1 - Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

Since the first launch of the working automobile, cars have effectively made its mark on the consciousness of the public market. This is something that is still true no matter how much time has passed.

Why is that?

Well, in our years as car enthusiasts, we believe that there are a lot of good reasons behind this seeming obsession with cars. Here are a few of them:

cars2 - Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

They Make Life Better

Cars do make life easier. They get us from one point to another without having to be reliant on public transport. They give us the freedom to go where to choose whenever we want to. Cars enable us to reach destinations faster than we would have if we were still using horses and wagons.

All in all, cars have a significant positive impact on the lives of many and will continue to do so. Cars are only getting better

They Are Our Creation

Cars are one of humanity’s greatest creations. It is a child bourn from human innovation and a thirst for something new. This sort of connection is something that continues to bind people to the idea of automobiles.

car - Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

Cars are machines that still need our input and care if they’re going to function properly. This effectively bonds people to the cars in their care. While not everyone can directly claim to invent cars, we can collectively feel proud of such an innovation.

In Closing

Cars will always be something that will continue to fascinate and enthrall the public. We are all still striving to get the next big thing—the next new record. The big car brands are also still in the pursuit of the better engine model or car model. So it only follows that there will always be something new to capture the imagination of the public.

Why do you think people are still obsessed with cars?

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