Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

Blog9 - Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

When you’ve got a business that revolves around vehicles, it only follows that you will need mechanics working for you. We got asked recently regarding the qualifications that we prioritize when it comes to hiring mechanics.

HR experts from Payboy has a reply.


There are a lot of forms of education now. Gone are the days when education only means ‘formal schooling’. There are now community colleges, certification courses, and a lot of other forms of training or education.

A mechanic that comes with a good education that is relevant to the field they’re working at is important. At least then you’ll know that they carry an innate interest in the work that they are applying for.

tech - Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

Hands-on Experience

While education is important, hands-on experience is just as critical when it comes to considering hiring someone. There have been instances where the person has not had any formal education but has been the recipient of a lot of hands-on training and experience. This is something that actually happens rather frequently.

When it comes to choosing a mechanic, having someone with actual experience is better than someone who only knows the theory behind the practice.


A general rule of law is that everyone will have at least 2 to 3 people that they can use as professional recommendations. A previous boss, a trainer, someone who they’ve worked with—the choices are endless! If the mechanic you’re looking at has no recommendations, always cross-reference it with their work history.

If they have a lot of work history but no references or no recommendations, you should be wary.

tech2 - Hiring Mechanics: 4 Qualifications You Should Prioritize

Work History

Work history is something that can largely determine if someone is reliable or not. If the person has had a job at a shop for a very long time, you can count on that person to be invested in working for you. Just be clear on their reasons for leaving any previous jobs.

If the person has had a lot of different jobs in a short amount of time, you should be wary.

In Closing

When your business is involved with transport, it always pays to have your machines well maintained. If your business is car services, then it should be logical that your mechanics will be the lifeblood of your operation. Knowing what you should prioritize does not mean that you should only make your choices based on these pointers.

Get your feelers out and trust your gut about a person. They may look good on paper but can be a completely different person when the job starts. What qualifications do you prioritize when hiring mechanics?

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