Before You Buy: Common Complaints about the Audi Model A6

Blog7 - Before You Buy: Common Complaints about the Audi Model A6

When you think of Audi, you would automatically associate it with automotive excellence. While you would not be incorrect in your assumption, this does not mean that the brand does not have its faults. Today, we wanted to discuss some of the common complaints about the Audi model A6.

We think it is important to clarify that the A6 model does not simply refer to a single car. It is, in fact, a series which has seen several generations. This is why it is rather bothersome that there are certain complaints that seem to span several generations. Like:

Dash Light Issue

One of the issues that have been regularly reported by owners would be wonky dashboard lights. It would seem that if the car would get shaken a bit while driving, the dash light for different things would light up—something that indicated low oil or more commonly, the check engine light.

For someone who bought a supercar and expected smooth sailing, this can be quite troublesome.

Digital Display Issue

One of the features which Audi owners look forward to in the latter releases of the A6 would be the digital display which allows the driver and passengers to really explore the capabilities of the vehicle. It’s what provides the users with an interface on the status of the car.

So it’s highly troublesome if the digital display tends to fail. It’s the tantamount to driving a super powerful vehicle without knowing if anything is wrong. As you can imagine, this can be quite dangerous and is an issue that shouldn’t even happen, if at all possible.

Clogged Sun Roof

This is one of the more annoying issues that have been regularly reported by Audi A6 owners was the fact that the sun roof tends to clog when exposed to constant rain. In certain parts of the world, rain is basically an everyday occurrence. If not rain, it would be high moisture presence. A clogged sun roof means that water gets into the vehicle and can damage the electronics.

In Closing

We believe that it is quite important to be aware of any existing or common issues with super expensive cars. After all, since we’re willing to drop quite a bundle on it, we should expect complete excellence. As heartbreaking as it is to find faults with the A6 series, we know for a fact that Audi is continuously taking steps to address any complaints.

Do you have an Audi A6? What complaints do you have about it?

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