Thinking of the R8: Why It Is Still One of the Best Supercars Ever

Blog8 - Thinking of the R8: Why It Is Still One of the Best Supercars Ever

Audi has a knack of blowing the socks off of car lovers everywhere. Today, we wanted to put a spotlight on the Audi R8 and why it’s still one of the best supercars ever.


The Audi R8 was introduced to the public market in 2006. What made it stand out from the other 2-door, 2-seater super cars was the fact that it had all-wheel drive system in place. This comes three years after the initial concept car was presented.

Why Is It Still One of the Best?

Despite being over 12 years old, we thing that the Audi R8 series is still one of the best supercars ever! Here are our reasons for it:

It’s a comfortable drive

Most supercars are a rather difficult drive in a lot of urban areas. The Lamborghini, for example, tends to heat up to the point of combustion when met with traffic. The Audi R8 has no such problem. You can drive fast or slow, it’s still a comfortable ride.

r8 - Thinking of the R8: Why It Is Still One of the Best Supercars Ever

It’s all about the driver

One of the striking things about the Audi R8 is the interiors of the vehicle. It is a complete contrast to the exterior which is a bit aggressive with its taut lines and harsher curves. The interiors are all softer with its plush leathers and intuitive location for the features. No matter how old this car is, it still is one of the better designed vehicles—taking into account how the driver would be positioned.

That virtual dashboard

The virtual dashboard is not anything new when it comes to Audi cars. In fact, in a previous discussion, we mentioned how the virtual dash would sometimes cause trouble with the A6. It seems that Audi has really learned from all the feedback and finally provided a better version of their virtual dashboard. It’s highly customizable so the driver isn’t restricted to “factory settings”.

In Closing

The Audi R8 still performs well despite its age. What’s really telling about this is that despite the near decade it has been out in the market, it still is priced pretty high because people know that they will get the quality that they are paying for. Effectively, the R8 ranks quite high in our esteem of supercars which provides more than just something nice to look at.

Have you gotten your hands on an Audi R8? Why positive features do you like about it best?

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