Excellence on Display: Top International Car Events worth Going To

BLog6 - Excellence on Display: Top International Car Events worth Going To

If you’re a big fan of any car brands or a general fan of the automotive industry then you will always be on the lookout for the dates of the top international car events that usually held on an annual basis. Car shows are always fun to go to because not only do you get to see some of the already classic beauties on display but you get to have an idea of what’s brand spanking new.

Not all car shows are the same and some are just a clear cut about the rest. To give you an idea, we’d like to discuss some of the best international car events that are worth going to. Like:


If you’re into car modification, this is one event that you will want to go to. With nearly 3,000 exhibitors and big names in the modification industry, SEMA is really a feast for the eyes. If you’re not into modification, you’ll still want to go to this event for all the fun concept cars and products. If you’re thinking they’re just made by no-name people, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of major car manufacturers that go here.

img1 - Excellence on Display: Top International Car Events worth Going To

The 51st Essen Motor Show

Last year was the 50th which was completely special by itself. If you ever fancy seeing Germany, you will want to make this particular event a part of your bucket list. The Essen Motor Show is a lovely event which pools in major names from all over the globe. While they don’t have nearly as many exhibitors as SEMA does, this does not stop them for enticing supercar manufacturers from showcasing their wares and latest marvels for the public.

Goodwill Speed Festival

Otherwise known as the Goodwill Festival of Speed, this English car event is a clear celebration of all things fast. Not only is this event famous with speed junkies but they also attract top manufacturers in the UK. They have races which make it a great opportunity to meet the top dogs in the racing industry.

In Closing

Car events are always a great place for car lovers to all come together and truly enjoy some of the greatest accomplishments in the world of the automotive industry. We like to go because it’s a great place to meet people who are very much into cars the way we are. In fact, several of the people writing for this site all met up during a car show!

Do you frequent car shows? Which international car show would you suggest people go to?

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Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

Blog4 - Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

If there is anything that we know in life, it is that cars are really nice to look at. If there is anything else that is truer that that, it is that cars can really perform. We see them on the road each day and we see promotional videos as well. If we really wanted to see how cars manage to perform in extreme situations, we go to the movies for that.

Today, we wanted to talk about some movies that really managed to show what cars can really do. Without further ado, let’s get started!

fast - Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

The Fast and the Furious

Of course we had to start the list with this one! The Fast and the Furious franchise really put a spotlight on illegal street racing, the car modifications, and the appeal of the “ride or die” mentality. While the latter pieces of the franchise all were a bit hard to believe with the submarine bit—there is still no denying the power that a well-made piece of automotive machinery can accomplish.

Need for Speed

The Need for Speed franchise stems from a super popular game series. The Need for Speed movie while still heavily focused in supercars and big car brands was able to provide a bit of a taste of how supercars perform under pressure. Who else had their eye stuck on the beautiful Ford Shelby Mustang they featured? It certainly caught our attention!

ff - Car Feast: 4 Movies That Really Show Off Car Abilities

The Italian Job

Well-tuned cars and heists seemed to be a match in heaven. This movie is who we directly blame for the big boom in the public’s interest in the Mini Cooper. The character of Charlize Theron drove around with a 1969 Mini Cooper at the start of the film.

Near the end, she and her team of thieves drove around with the 2003 version of the vehicles. While the newer cars needed a bit of a trim to lose some weight, they managed to show the ability to make hard turns, fit into subway stations, and carry several kilograms of gold.

Gone in 60 Seconds

Much like the movie mentioned previously, Gone in 60 Seconds is a heist film. Rather than gold being stolen, it’s cars. We follow Nicholas Cage and his team of thieves as they try to complete a checklist of different cars; the linchpin being a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500.

In Closing

Cars are pretty marvelous things. The engine can purr and it can certainly roar and if there was anything that we learned from the movies we mentioned above is that having a well-tuned car can mean the difference between life and death. While we really hate to sound dramatic, anyone who has had a problematic car will tell you the same thing.

What particular movie would you say really showed off the abilities of cars?

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Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

Blog1 - Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

Since the first launch of the working automobile, cars have effectively made its mark on the consciousness of the public market. This is something that is still true no matter how much time has passed.

Why is that?

Well, in our years as car enthusiasts, we believe that there are a lot of good reasons behind this seeming obsession with cars. Here are a few of them:

cars2 - Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

They Make Life Better

Cars do make life easier. They get us from one point to another without having to be reliant on public transport. They give us the freedom to go where to choose whenever we want to. Cars enable us to reach destinations faster than we would have if we were still using horses and wagons.

All in all, cars have a significant positive impact on the lives of many and will continue to do so. Cars are only getting better

They Are Our Creation

Cars are one of humanity’s greatest creations. It is a child bourn from human innovation and a thirst for something new. This sort of connection is something that continues to bind people to the idea of automobiles.

car - Automotive Wonders: Why Are People Obsessed with Cars?

Cars are machines that still need our input and care if they’re going to function properly. This effectively bonds people to the cars in their care. While not everyone can directly claim to invent cars, we can collectively feel proud of such an innovation.

In Closing

Cars will always be something that will continue to fascinate and enthrall the public. We are all still striving to get the next big thing—the next new record. The big car brands are also still in the pursuit of the better engine model or car model. So it only follows that there will always be something new to capture the imagination of the public.

Why do you think people are still obsessed with cars?

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